Consulting Services


Conducting a security risk analysis is an integral element in all ICM services. If you are planning an event we can help you avoid undue risk and inform you or your organization of what adverse impacts might arise from your planned activity or event.

Our security consultants will identify vulnerabilities and threats. We will draft a plan to help you mitigate these risks with recommendations based on our experience of managing thousands of events.



Having protected famous personalities in the entertainment, motion picture and political arenas worldwide, our security consultants can offer analysis, advice, instruction and services to deal with any level of risk you may encounter.Whether your concerns are protection from terrorism, property crime or crimes of violence, attention to real-world concerns requires a comprehensive planning approach. Our security consultants can provide thorough audits of your business, home or personal security vulnerabilities and offer you a detailed plan to mitigate any threat and protect your family, workers, home or property.

Our technical services division can test and review the effectiveness of your current alarm systems, CCTV coverage and report on deficiencies in your systems and install any upgrades or alternatives if required.

All Security Audits will be presented in the form of a written report containing analysis, observations and recommendations for the client’s review.



Whether you are a small enterprise or an Olympic venue, ICMs staff can provide you with a thorough analysis identifying hazards, people and property at risk, mitigation strategies, solutions and best practices.

For those events where the possibility of terrorism, labour disputes, political activism or gang activity are concerns, ICM staff will work with law enforcement authorities to determine the level and probability of the threat and provide guidance, policy and strategies based on the identified threat level.