Training Services

ICM employs its own fully certified instructors for both provincially mandated courses as well as our own specific curriculum. Our professional instructional staff holds certifications from the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Canadian Security & Intelligence Service (CSIS), Specialized Defensive Tactics Academy (SDT) and other police, military and paramedical organizations from around North America. Having this depth of experience offers our students and employees the very best in training, education and skills. ICM can design specific training programs to address the needs of entertainment venues or commercial business. Contact us for a free assessment of your business’s training needs.


BST is a government mandated pre-requisite to employment as a licensed security professional in the Province of British Columbia. ICM, through our training partner, the Specialized Defensive Tactics Academy, is proud to offer this 24 hour certified program. Please contact us for course locations, costs and dates.


Individuals holding a British Columbia security worker license who are required to carry and use handcuffs in the performance of their duties are now required to make an application to add this condition to their Security Worker license through the Registrar, Security Services Act. In order to obtain this condition, individuals must successfully complete the 24 hour Advanced Security Training (AST) course provide by Instructors approved by the Justice Institute of BC.

The AST course will focus on the following content:

  • Security Services Act & Regulations
  • Advanced Force Options Theory
  • Introduction to Control tactics
  • Application of Restraints
  • Excited Delirium & Positional Asphyxia
  • Reporting & Documentation

Students will be evaluated for proficiency in hands-on control tactics techniques as well as required to achieve a minimum of 75% on a written examination

Please contact us for the upcoming course dates and locations.


Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) is the newest employee-focused, full-facility alcohol management program available to sport and entertainment facility managers. The program combines the wisdom of industry operations professionals from organizations such as Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, National Collegiate Athletic Association, ARAMARK, and others and represents the most current strategies concerning alcohol management. The TEAM program encapsulates a highly effective approach to preparing facility operations managers to train alcohol servers and event-day employees to manage the sale, service and consumption of alcohol at public gatherings.

The TEAM mission is to reduce alcohol-related events, injuries and fatalities in and around public assembly facilities and on the nation’s roadways by promoting the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol. We work to accomplish this through alcohol management training and “responsible fan” education materials.

ICM is committed and excited to delivering this essential program to our venues and events. If your organization or venue is interested in experiencing TEAM training, we would encourage you to contact us. We are confident this program will reduce alcohol related incidents at your facility, thereby improving fan enjoyment while mitigating the risks inherent in alcohol consumption.


ICM Crowd Management Training Programs prepare staff members to understand the dynamics of large groups and the methodologies used to safely control their movements. Crowd Management Specialists learn how to maintain order and respond to emergencies, protect people and property, monitor and control unruly individuals or groups, and prevent behavior which would adversely affect events and the safety and enjoyment of patrons attending those events. Our training program offers both classroom and hands on instruction.