Technical Services

ICM offers a wide range of technical services for our clients. ICM’s technical services team are trusted advisors for clients across a diverse range of industries. ICM Technical Services staff include retired members of the FBI, RCMP, CSIS and other agencies with specialized expertise in Security Alarms, Video Cameras, Access Control Systems for Outdoor or Indoor applications.

Videofied remote monitoring technology


We are authorized distributors of the latest in remote video monitoring technology, Videofied. Our system transmits through an encrypted wireless cell connection to a 24/7 remote monitoring site, allowing for a completely wireless security system that can be installed anywhere. Please follow the link above to learn more about our state of the art video monitoring system.



Mobile Command Vehicle

mcv_image11As an addition to our event security services, we offer live video monitoring of large outdoor events through our mobile command vehicle. This security monitoring tool is ideal for large festivals and fairs, labour disputes and any other events that require real time video surveillance and response. This system debuted at the 2010 Olympic Games and received the attention of Canadian Security Magazine as well as high praises from both the RCMP and the City of Richmond. This vehicle is available for immediate deployment.





Video Cameras

ICM carries a wide range of video surveillance cameras for your security needs. We supply models for home and business owners in both indoor and outdoor settings. We offer cameras ranging from traditional analog security cameras to infrared night vision models that can store information locally or transmit over IP, ethernet or cellular system. All our cameras have been reviewed by our team of security experts to guarantee quality and reliability.


Alarms Systems

ICM has over 15 years experience in alarm system installation and monitoring. We stock cutting edge home and business monitoring technology. Our alarm systems are compact, modular and can transmit wired or wirelessly to anywhere including a remote monitoring station or your smartphone. Our systems guarantee peace of mind when faced with threats of burglary, intrusion or fire. We offer big name systems like DSC and Interlogix. Please follow the link above for more information about our alarm systems.


Construction Site Security

Construction site security is a difficult problem, with coverage traditionally limited to costly onsite security personnel. ICM offers video verification technology that can be installed without electricity or wire connection at a fraction of the price of a hardwired security system. Whether in broad day light or the pitch darkness of night, our video verification technology detects unauthorized intrusions, transmits to a 24 hour remote monitoring station and alerts Emergency Response teams or police using transmitted video data. All transmitted video is verified by a live person, greatly reducing the rate false alarms and increasing police response rate.