Construction Site Security

For most crews, construction site security is an easily addressed problem; the options are limited to what insurance companies will cover, traditionally this is costly onsite security guards or static security personnel. Apart for the obvious hazard of having a guard onsite in potentially a pitch dark location, spotting and reacting to incidents on a large construction site is challenging at best.

ICM can install our Video Verification without power, lighting telephone or internet, and the perfect solution for a site without any wired connections.

ICM offers both short and long term rentals of outdoor Video Verified Motion Detectors, these systems possess infrared illumination, extreme temperature ressistance, motion detection and military grade wireless signal transmission to give your construction project security and you peace of mind that your site is safe.

When the system is armed, if there is an intrusion day or night, ICM’s Monitoring Station receives the motion detection signal and a 10 second video clip of whatever moved infront of the unit. With this information our Station can assess the situation and dispatch the Police or Emergency Response with a Video Verified video clip as appropriate. Less false alarm dispatches are intrinsic to the system as well as reducing loss from theft of tools or material onsite.

The monitoring station will also relay the video clip to the owners cell phone, so you get notified and can see the video clip of what moved in front of the sensor.

ICM Security is committed to mitigating the risk associated with construction sites and will work with you to enact a security plan that is right for your site.