Real Time Video of Intruders + Video Verified Security = Priority Police Reponse

ICM’s Videofied security systems deliver police when you need them – through Video Verified Alarms.

ICM is the authorized distributor of the revolutionary Videofied security system for both commercial and residential applications. Devices communicate via an encrypted wireless link, are battery powered, and connect to the monitoring station with an integrated cell modem for completely wireless video security anywhere. Your system cannot be disabled by cut telephone or power wires!

ICM Videofied is the only solution that can offer wireless protection for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and transmit video of intruders day or night with built in IR illumination. CCTV cameras can show you what happened to your property yesterday; however, ICM Videofied can bring police to your property within minutes.

Monitoring services include auto-emailing of alarm videos to up to four email addresses, allowing clients to double-check what caused their alarm. Police treat ICM Video Verified alarms as a “Crime in Progress” and respond faster than for regular alarms. Video verification helps law enforcement operate more efficiently and provides greater security to property owners.

ICM Videofied is also a highly effective tool to protect remote locations from heavy equipment theft, copper theft, vandalism, burglary or trespass. Our technical team can design custom solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications not covered by traditional alarm systems. The benefits of the wireless technology can offer security in places wires cannot go: heritage buildings, finished construction, across vast spaces in warehouses or outdoor storage yards, in remote locations without power, etc.

ICM Videofied systems are engineered to withstand Canadian temperatures and weather extremes, and use advanced lithium batteries which provide up to four years of service. The new XT series of alarm panels are designed for interior or exterior use, can be armed via existing alarm systems or an access control system, and feature a number of auxiliary inputs and outputs for connection to other technical systems or hardwired alarm devices.

Call our Technical Services Division for more details and pricing for ICM’s Video Verified Alarm Systems and Monitoring packages.

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